[vdr] Sudden vdr restarts almost continuously

Udo Richter udo_richter at gmx.de
Wed Aug 23 19:42:14 CEST 2006

Jukka Palko wrote:
> I doublechecked things on the host a while back and looks like the cause 
> is clock adjustment. :) After disabling the adjustment from 
> transmissions, the continuous restarting ended. Propably ain't got the 
> priviledges set up properly. ;)
> Aug 23 10:00:32 sempron vdr: [19692] System Time = Wed Aug 23 10:00:32 
> 2006 (1156316432)
> Aug 23 10:00:32 sempron vdr: [19692] Local Time  = Wed Aug 23 10:01:08 
> 2006 (1156316468)
> Aug 23 10:01:08 sempron vdr: [19710] ERROR: video data stream broken

Well, thats an important hint!

Actually, it looks like the VDSB detection is not secured for clock 
adjustment. Time jumped forward 36 seconds (see log time index), and 
because of that VDR did not see useful data for more than 30 seconds, 
and did a VDSB...

Question is, why did such a rather big time adjustment happen just while 
recording, and not before the recording started.

Did you set up time adjustment on a specific channel, and did you record 
from this channel/transponder? How frequent are these time adjustments? 
Does your clock do massive drifting when not syncing with the sat time?



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