[vdr] anyone using Technotrend Premium S2300 (Rev 2.3) "modded"

Dave dave at optionsdsl.ca
Thu Aug 24 21:30:27 CEST 2006

Simon Baxter wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I'm looking at getting the following from dvbshop.net
>> Technotrend Remotecontrol SET
>> Technotrend Technotrend "Dual Tuner" Package (Technotrend Premium S2300 
>> (Rev
>> 2.3) "modded")
>> RGB/S-Video J2 Extension for Technotrend Premium (for component/RGB-out)
>> Has anyone got any advice on getting this working with VDR?
>> I've been using VDR with budget cards for a few years with vdr-xine.  This
>> will be my first FF with an MPEG decoder - any problems/advice on the
>> quality of the RGB-out?
> Also, will this card support HD ok??? 
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That card works fine, in fact its recommended by many vdr users. Here is
the scoop.

The card does NOT do HDTV decoding in hardware.  It will do it in
software assuming the modulation is QPSK, (it does NOT support 8PSK
commonly used for HDTV at least here)  The card is used like a budget
card if you are doing HDTV.

The "j2" mod on that board is done incorrectly.  It does NOT have the
proper circuitry to work "out of the box", (It does NOT do component,
only RGB).  It is NOT terminated properly.  It does post a risk of
damaging the card if things are incorrectly wired.  Correctly wired and
terminated the RGB out works excellent.

Any other questions?

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