[vdr] Problem with mplayer plug-in

Jean-Claude Repetto jean-claude.repetto at libertysurf.fr
Fri Aug 25 11:12:33 CEST 2006

Stefan Huelswitt wrote:
> On 23 Aug 2006 Jean-Claude Repetto <jean-claude.repetto at libertysurf.fr> wrote:
>> Thanks, now the error message appears :
>> DVB: height=384 not supported (try 240/480 (ntsc) or 288/576 (pal)
>> It seems that the plug-in tries to expand the format to 352/384, but the 
>> DVB card does not support the new format.
> Well, actualy it's the mplayer.sh script which fails here. The
> plugin only calls the script.
> Regards.


Sorry, I thought that mplayer.sh was part of the mplayer plug-in project.
I have contacted the author of mplayer.sh, and he solved my problem by
suggesting to set the TV_ASPECT to the value 4/3 instead of 16/9.


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