[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] VDRAdmin-AM-3.5.1

Andreas Mair Andreas.Mair at linogate.com
Fri Dec 1 12:26:10 CET 2006


the new release is ready for download at http://andreas.vdr-developer.org/en

Have fun!

2006-12-01: 3.5.1
- Added: Italian translation (Submitted by Gringo).
- Bugfixes.

2006-11-24: 3.5.1beta
- Changed: Handling of critical/colliding timers on encrypted channels in 
timer_list (Requested lot's of time in vdr-portal.de).
- Fixed: Lost info on selected extepginfos if testing an epgsearch in 
epgsearch_new (Reported by marpiet).
- Fixed: Didn't select the right channel group in epgsearch_new (Reported by 
- Added: epgsearches can be based on epgsearch's templates.

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