[vdr] Utf8-patch experiences, anyone?

Alexander Riedel alexander-riedel at t-online.de
Mon Dec 4 21:36:58 CET 2006

Hi Marko,

built-in bitmap Fonts in vdr are not uniform. Those must be first exchanged.

UTF8 user found Freetype fonts better than built-in. Size is scallable.

Marko Mäkelä schrieb:
> For one, I fear that Freetype could use too much processing power.
> Secondly, I would expect the rendered glyphs to look bad in the
> interlaced output of vdr -P'softdevice -vo dfb:mgatv'
> (TV output of Matrox G450).

try out simply, i use DXR3 and meine frends FF cards.

> Do you have any thoughts on this?  How hard would it be to combine all
> VDR font bitmaps to one that would use Unicode Basic Multilingual Plane?
> Presumably, it would have to be a sparse data structure, since most code
> points of the BMP are not present in the bitmap fonts nor used by
> DVB-T senders.
> 	Marko
> PS: I saw one Russian (or Bulgarian or some Cyrillic) and one German comment
> being added by vdr-1.4.3-utf8-0.1.3-rc1.diff.gz.  Maybe it would be
> better to translate them into English.
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