[vdr] Utf8-patch experiences, anyone?

Harald Milz hm at seneca.muc.de
Tue Dec 5 11:41:02 CET 2006

Alexander Riedel <alexander-riedel at t-online.de> wrote:

> UTF8 user found Freetype fonts better than built-in. Size is scallable.

> Marko Mäkelä schrieb:
> > For one, I fear that Freetype could use too much processing power.
> > Secondly, I would expect the rendered glyphs to look bad in the
> > interlaced output of vdr -P'softdevice -vo dfb:mgatv'
> > (TV output of Matrox G450).

I am using the 1.4.0-2 patch against vdr-1.4.1 and softdevice-0.3.1 with
a Matrox G550 at 1280x720p, albeit with DVI out.  Works just fine with
German OSD and German/Russian EPG.  The machine is an Athlon XP-M 2400+ @
1800MHz, and it uses 25-30 % CPU depending on what it does, with or without
Freetype. And IMHO the Arial font looks better on the OSD than the original
VDR font, but that's a matter of taste I guess. You can always replace it
by another TTF if you like. 

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