[vdr] xineliboutput settings help.

Dave dave at optionsdsl.ca
Fri Dec 8 00:28:59 CET 2006

I have finally got xineliboutput working well enough with xvmc.

I have the ATSC patch to VDR and a channels.conf with some atsc channels 
which works fine and decode smoothly, but I dont know what settings you 
guys are using for HDTV output that works well.

I have a LCD projector with a native res of 800x600 connected via RGB

SD content displays fine.
HD 720p content shows smaller, in the middle of the screen but looks amazing
HD 1080i as well only fills the center of the screen and has bad 
interlacing artifacts regardless of the deinterlacer settings I use.

with xinelibout and vdr-sxfe, is there a way to just simply scale the 
video to my window size so it at least fills the screen, the 720p and 
1080i I understand are widescreen, but cant it just add the black bars 
at the top/bottom and fit to my resolution left-right??  I understand I 
will be "losing" resolution because of my native panel of 800x600, but 
Im sure the picture will still be great.
My video card is a nvidia 5500

Im looking for peoples xvmc/vdr-sxfe/xine-ui/xorg settings with HDTV to 
allow it to fit nicely to the screen


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