[vdr] [vdr bug]Shutdown during an active timer is broken

Thiemo rollercoaster at reel-multimedia.com
Fri Dec 8 20:15:50 CET 2006

I am sorry I have to bring this up after a few months, i came over it and had 
to realize that the new behavior is not what the user expects.

Now i am a little bit afraid that you are going to change this again. 
(see vdr shutdown handling / streamdev plugin)

> How about this: if the user presses the "Power" key to turn off VDR,
> and VDR tells him/her that there is a recording going on, or a timer
> will hit in a few minutes, and the user still insists in shutting
> down VDR *now*, what could be the reason for this? IMHO the only real
> reason is that the user wants to do some maintenance, for which the
> device must be turned off (like, for instance, install some hardware
> or relocate it to a different place). 
This assumption is not correct. Not anyone ist going to do some maintenance if 
he shuts down his box. They are not all freaks like us ;)
In fact i found out that there are two main reasons:
1. Saving power. Well, *we* know that shutting down for some minutes isn't 
really saving anything, but a user thinks "ok, its still 15 minutes to the 
next recording so its save to shut it down. And the vdr isn't telling him a 
warning that wakeuptime is shifted if he does so. So it's not intuitive.
A timer is a "holy kow" - it should not be modified automatically.
2. Users always think "my box will (has to) return to the same state as it was 
before the recording". So they shut it down.
They do not know that there is this (hidden) feature in the vdr that lets it 
shut down if he ignores the message and then keeps away his fingers from the 
remote (as it is no informational message but a question).

On the other hand, the user expects that a running recording is disabled and 
he says "yes" to the question to shut down anyway.

So here is my solution:
- if a recording is running and User presses "Power" tell him the box will 
shutdown after the current recording
- If he presses "Power" a second time, ask if he realy wants to do this (like 
before) *and* stop any running recordings (i reused the code from Udo which 
work very well, thanks)

- if a timer is pending within MinEventTimeout ask if he really wants to do so 
but do *not* modify any timers or wakeup times.
I think it's the task of whoever adopts vdr to a mainboard or box to program a 
valid wakeup time, not the vdr itself.


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