[vdr] Problem with programming timer on TELE 5

Matthias Fechner idefix at fechner.net
Sun Dec 10 13:14:41 CET 2006

Hi Klaus,

Klaus Schmidinger schrieb:
> Is this the one and only "TELE 5" line in your channels.conf?

no I have three lines:
TELE 5:12480:vC34:S19.2E:27500:1535:1536=deu:38:0:51:133:33:16387
TELE 5:12480:vC34:0:27500:8191:0:0:0:51:133:33:16387
TELE 5;BetaDigital:12480:vC34:S19.2E:27500:0:0:0:0:51:133:33:0



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