R: R: [vdr] VDR & Multiple frontends

Eddi eddi at depieri.net
Sun Dec 10 15:08:29 CET 2006

> I've gone through the LinuxDVB API description regarding the frontend
> again and apparently it is documented that multiple frontends on the same
> adapter can't be open in read/write mode at the same time (so the
> "deficiency"
> is actually on VDR's side ;-).

> Well, so VDR could open them in read-only mode first and switch one of
> them
> to read/write mode shortly whenever it does a tuning operation, and go
> back
> to read-only after that. It would also have to switch to read/write
> shortly
> whenever it reads a frontend event with ioctl(FE_GET_EVENT). With such
> modifications
> it should be possible to make VDR support a multiple frontend adapter.
> In order to set up the necessary VDR devices, cDvbDevice::Initialize()
> would also have to be enhanced to probe for multiple frontends
> on the same adapter.

I'm very happy if you could try to make such patch.

I can test that patch, and make few adjustment, since I think you can't
really test  it.

Thank you for your support

Best Regards,


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