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Fri Dec 29 14:43:17 CET 2006


h.h.braun at wrote:

> What would you recommend how to transfer the video directly to the TV out of my Radeon 9250 card without X ?

fbxine might work.

> Will xine-plugin be included in the debian distribution ?

Darren Salt provides debian packages:

> Concerning my version vdr-1.4.4 from patch-description I think I should still use the Patches
> vdr-1.3.18-dvbspu.patch.gz

There was a controversial discussion about this one. At least I had a
DVD were it fixed the issue. But the author of the dvbspu code told me,
that he has some DVDs where the patch broke the menu. This patch is not
a "must have" for vdr-xine.

> vdr-1.3.18-replay.patch.gz

Oops, a modified version of this patch was integrated into VDR before
1.4, so I should have updated the README -- this patch is obsolete.

> vdr-1.2.6-dvbplayer5.patch

If you do not want to edit any recordings made with a VDR version prior
to 1.4, you won't need this patch at all.

BTW: you would have to use vdr-1.3.44-dvbplayer5.patch for VDR 1.4.

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