[vdr] vdr xine-plugin fbxine

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Sat Dec 30 21:37:35 CET 2006


h.h.braun at arcor.de wrote:
> I didn't know how to get in the framebuffer mode.
> When I now boot with the vga option fbxine I don't get any more the message "Video port failed"
> but fbxine does not understand the MRL vdr

Are you sure that you execute the correct fbxine binary?

It seems that your binary still loads an xine-lib which doesn't know
anything of the vdr:// MRL.

> What I expect from fbxine is : to adjust my tv-out better to the size of my tv

Well, fbxine is not responsible for that. fbxine just takes care to
decode the stream into the frame buffer. Things like setting resolution
or overscan mode are either a matter of fbset or some other tool which
might be hardware dependent.

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