[vdr] conditional access and restarting

Jouni Karvo jouni.karvo at tkk.fi
Wed Feb 1 11:15:15 CET 2006


jori.hamalainen at teliasonera.com writes:
 > In my setup with FF-DVBC + Conax CAM + legal card and budget DVBC-card this made my system to continuously restart. Only thing to stop this was logging in into VDR-machine, editing timers.conf and disabling the timer. 
 > Restarting was done so quickly that I could press just one remote control key, but could not disable timer via OSD.
 > And reloading driver didn't help for the problem. Problem was that ECM didn't happen to card on certain channels.
 > So perhaps CAM error should be analyzed before making a decision what to do? No valid key on card = just warn user, CAM not responding = reset CAM, no DVB data = reload driver?

Sounds exactly like the symptoms of my system.  Some subscribed
channels are seen, others not.  If I keep the channel on live view
until it can be seen again (e.g. 15 minutes), no problems (the card
receives finally an authorization from the cable and starts giving the
channel), but the recording mode is not patient enough, but enters
this unnecessary emergency exit loop.


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