[vdr] kvdr 0.64 released

Qwasi qwasi_1999 at yahoo.de
Thu Feb 2 09:26:32 CET 2006

Am Montag, 30. Januar 2006 17:49 schrieb Guido Fiala:
> Searching the web for this failure reveals that it is an nvidia-problem...
> However, they mention there is an README in the (older) nvidia-driver
> package, that DGA will be removed in a quite strange way as it sounds only
> "paritally working". Could you have a look at this file if it is helpful on
> how to live without DGA? Then this could be fixed in the v4l-conf program
> and anything would be fine again. However - this is the wrong list, its a
> problem of nvidia in the first and v4l in the second...

I know it is the wrong list ... but let's keep it here (shortly) to stay OT :)

I've found parts where the removing of DGA is announced but none with a tip to 
live without !?
Only hints for using xv instead ...
So I went back to an older nvidia-driver and kvdr works in overlay again ...
When interested use my email for talking about that problem (so we're keeping 
the list clean :) cause I'm willing to help getting it fixed ...



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