[vdr] DVD and DVDselect Plugin Setup

Richard Scobie r.scobie at clear.net.nz
Fri Feb 3 03:07:55 CET 2006

Can the DVD plugin be used on vdr systems using a full featured Nexus 
card on a low powered (Pentium 200) system?

I ask as I have spent spent a few hours setting these plugins up to the 
point where when I "OK" on an entry in the DVDSelect image list, vdr 
segfaults, with the following information from the console:

Using djbfft for IMDCT transform
/usr/local/bin/runvdr: line 44: 20111 Segmentation fault

and log:

Feb  3 14:22:12 tx vdr[20111]: ln -nfs '/var/video/dvd/EnglishPatient' 
'/dev/dvd' 2> /dev/null

The first message about IMDCT is coming from liba52 and prior to my 
recompiling liba52 with djbfft support, I was getting:

No accelerated IMDCT transform found. (and a segfault)

The directory "EnglishPatient" contains the VIDEO_TS folder and contents 
from the disc.

My system is a Pentium 200 with a Nexus S 2.1 card running vdr 1.3.38, 
the latest CVS DVD plugin and dvdselect-0.7a.

Any help much appreciated, as I am out of ideas and Google clues.



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