[vdr] Re:DVD and DVDselect Plugin Setup

Hans-Werner Hilse hilse at web.de
Fri Feb 3 23:47:36 CET 2006


On Sat, 04 Feb 2006 08:47:24 +1300
Richard Scobie <r.scobie at clear.net.nz> wrote:

> >I don't use it for DVD images. In fact, I don't use the DVD player
> >plugin anymore, because this can easily be covered with the mplayer
> >plugin, which I am using now.
> OK... I am not sure if this will work for me, as I am only viewing via
> the output of my Nexus card, not a VGA monitor - or am I
> misunderstanding how the mplayer plugin operates?

The mplayer plugin doesn't do much more than offering a filebrowser
plus a very clever passthrough of remote control codes. Mplayer itself
then allows to output via mpegpes device, i.e. the full featured card.
I don't have installed a VGA monitor either. This obviously works only
for formats that works on that card. If you know bash scripting a
little, dig through the mplayer.sh file that the mplayer plugin calls.
This script implies a conversion step for formats that don't match,
which is likely to be too slow on our poor 200MHz machines. Thus I
disabled that functionality and am left with all sorts of MPEG(2)s, DVD
and (S)VCD. That's quite sufficient for me. If I happen to get my hands
on some DivX's and stuff, I recode that on a better machine to MPEG.

> No. Initially I compiled liba52 without djbfft support and got the
> segfault and the message "No accelerated IMDCT transform found".

IMHO segfaulting doesn't indicate a wrong processor instruction set
(e.g. no MMX) as this has its own signal. It's mostly due to faulty
software or the compiler doing weird things. What optimization flags do
you use? OTOH, it indicates that something "accelerated" is missing and
that seems to be a runtime error. So maybe the liba52 is determining
processor caps dynamically at runtime? Is there a relevant flag to
"configure"? It seems to spit out that runtime error and die

(also CC to sender because of his mail receive issue)

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