[vdr] Re:DVD and DVDselect Plugin Setup

Richard Scobie r.scobie at clear.net.nz
Sat Feb 4 01:05:08 CET 2006


Hans-Werner Hilse wrote:

 >The mplayer plugin doesn't do much more than offering a filebrowser
 >plus a very clever passthrough of remote control codes. Mplayer itself
 >then allows to output via mpegpes device, i.e. the full featured card.

This sounds like something worth looking at then, if I can't get the DVD 
plugin working, thanks.

 >IMHO segfaulting doesn't indicate a wrong processor instruction set
 >It seems to spit out that runtime error and die

I compiled the libraary on the machine and I am sure there are no 
instruction set issues, as it would have complained at the time.

The liba52 messages I am seeing are not even errors or warnings I think 
- just information, but they are the last thing I see before the seg 
fault. Short of learning how to use gdb and analysing core dumps, is 
there any way I can increase the verbosity of the error messages?

I am wondering if there is some dependency I am missing. The machine 
does not have a DVD drive installed and the kernel has no UDF or ISO9660 

I think I have everything configured to read the directory containing 
the copy of the files on the hard disk (not ISO files), so none of the 
above should be required, but I wonder are checks happening anyway.

 >(also CC to sender because of his mail receive issue)

Thanks I am using the mail archive to follow the thread.



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