[vdr] REQUEST UI change when OK pressed

Thomas Glomann mailinglists at glomann.de
Sat Feb 4 08:39:31 CET 2006

> Bringing up the channel display to quickly see what's on right now,
> or displaying the progress display while replaying to see how far
> the replay has gone are functions that should work quick and easily.
> Pressing Ok shall bring these up, and another press of Ok shall put
> them away again. I don't think it would be good to force the user
> to press Back to close these.
> Just define a dedicated Info key if this is an important function
> for you, and you you'll be able to bring up the info in live mode
> and while replaying.
> > Do you have any feelings about my other suggestion about showing what is
> > being recorded (either channel or program) when the OK key is pressed?
> You can see that in the "Timers" menu.
> Klaus

I absolutely agree with Klaus. My Humax STB behaves exacatly the way Mike 
Parker's request and that always annoyes me! I find it very uncomfortable to 
have to press another butten (like back) instead of the ok button again. 


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