[vdr] Bug at fast forward and JumpTo

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Sat Feb 4 11:56:22 CET 2006

Patrick Fischer wrote:
> I found a maybe very old bug.
> If I'm using Multispeed for watching an recording:
> -I can use left/rigth for fast forward/backword.
> -I can use the red button to enter a jumpTo position activated by 
> pressing "up"
> But if Im using fastforward and then enter a jumpTo position the the 
> fastforward speed will be changed to max speed. So if I'm using speed 
> "1" and jumpto Posion 1000 then the player switch to max speed (3)
> And Control->GetReplayMode(Play, Forward, Speed) will return the wrong 
> values.
> I have tested it with vdr 1.3.38

I'm currently too busy doing other things, so I'd appreciate
if somebody else could send a patch that fixes this.


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