[vdr] Burn plugin with current development version

Peter Juszack vdr at unterbrecher.de
Sat Feb 4 13:33:19 CET 2006

Tuomas Luttinen wrote:

> Now that I have a DVD burner for my vdr box I have taken a look on the 
> DVD burn plugin. Unfortunately known bugs include the fact that it 
> doesn't even compile with quite recent development version. I recall 
> that someone did a patch for this problem, but where to get it?
> And as I'm on it, might there be someone interested to maintain that 
> plugin if the original author doesn't do that anymore?
> Then couple of questions on the features, does the plugin support 
> different picture ratios, that is 4:3 and anamorphic 16:9? How about 
> subtitles?
You may try the patch from my website. It includes the patch for recent 
VDR developer versions and turn remaining recording marks into DVD-chapters.
During DVD-playback you can jump between chapters via the Skip-Buttons 
of standalone DVD players.
DVD plugin uses the 4 and 6-key to jump between chapters.

Very nice for concert recordings

Patch can be found here: 

Regards Peter

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