[vdr] Grab image failed

Luis Palacios luis at derqui.net
Sat Feb 4 21:48:48 CET 2006

Softdevice seems not to be the cause of the problem, GRAB doesn't  
work either without it.
Also tested with new version of JVdr-0.0.2, however I'm sure it has  
nothing to do with JVdr

I'll continue doing some testings...


El 04/02/2006, a las 16:13, Peter Juszack escribió:

> Luis Palacios wrote:
>> Peter,
>> Actually it's your java app the one that made me realize I'm  
>> having a  problem
>> with SVDRP grab command :-)
>> El 04/02/2006, a las 13:21, Peter Juszack escribió:
>>> Since VDR-version 1.3.? grabbing images to disc is disabled by   
>>> default for security reasons. It is just possible to get then   
>>> base64 encoded over the SVDRP conncetion with 'GRAB -'.
>>> You must set a VDR commandline parameter to a directory to  
>>> enable  grab to disc. Grabbed images are stored under that  
>>> directory.
>> I activated that option just in case that was causing the error...
>> DISPLAY=:0.1 ./vdr -g /tmp -v /home/vdr/video -w 60 -Pstreamdev-  
>> server -P loadepg -P "softdevice -vo xv:full" -P sysinfo
>> I've found at device.c that the following function returns NULL,   
>> looks like this is the one being used. Probably I'm wrong as I've  
>> not  gone deep into the sources to find out which on is really  
>> called...
>> @line 237
>> uchar *cDevice::GrabImage(int &Size, bool Jpeg, int Quality, int   
>> SizeX, int SizeY)
>> {
>>   return NULL;
>> }
> That looks like softdevice does not implement VDRs GRAB function  
> yet. So JVdr probably will not be able to show screenshots
> without a full featured card.
> The parameter for GRAB directory is not needed for JVdr because the  
> image data is transmitted over SVDRP which also works
> without the -g option.
> Regards Peter
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