[vdr] Grab image failed

Luis Palacios luis at derqui.net
Sat Feb 4 22:10:32 CET 2006

I've done more tests and I'm completely lost... GRAB doesn't work
neither to file "GRAB file.jpg" (starting vdr -g ...) nor "GRAB -"
tested under this conditions (all latests versions):

- vdr without any plugin
- vdr + softdevice
- vdr + xine

- tested with telnet localhost 2001 (obviously neither JVdr nor
   vdradmin Grab work).

I've verified permissions too.  In the past, IIRC up until
vdr-1.3.38, I've been using vdradmin which uses also GRAB,
however in the latest versions either a change in vdr or in
the kernel (recently updated to 2.6.15) or something else
I don't realize has made it stop.

Any idea? Maybe /dev/video? or kernel option needed? or type
of card (I have skystar2, but I doubt thats the reason).

thanks a lot in advance,


El 04/02/2006, a las 13:09, Luis Palacios escribió:

> It's probably a basic question, but I promise I've searched in the  
> maillist archive,
> google, wiki and can't find the answer.
> Whenever I issue a 'GRAB -' command to svdrp I get '451 Grab image  
> failed'
> $ ./svdrpsend.pl -d 'grab -' | more
> 220 nene SVDRP VideoDiskRecorder 1.3.41; Sat Feb  4 12:58:25 2006
> 451 Grab image failed
> :
> Can you please tell where to look or a tip to solve it? maybe a  
> kernel option,
> permissions, type of dvb-s card, ...
> Thanks in advance,
> luis
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