[vdr] JVdr-0.0.2 problems and GRAB

Peter Juszack vdr at unterbrecher.de
Sun Feb 5 12:53:48 CET 2006


Concerning GRAB: I beleive GRAB only works with a full-featured card. Is 
that right? Maybe someone
can give an exact explanation how GRAB gets the image and under which 
circumstances it will not work.

there are still problems with JVdr running under Java 1.4. I am working 
on this but Java does not make it easy for me.

I do not have 1.4 here but can compile 1.4-compatible with Java 1.5.

Unfortunately 1.4 compile errors are not shown for whatever reason and 
only come out when try to run JVdr
with Java 1.4 ;(

A friend helped me with doing some tests.

I will test tomorrow in a 1.4 environment at work and then announce a 
new version.

Regards Peter

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