[vdr] Grab image failed

Luis Palacios luis at derqui.net
Sun Feb 5 22:13:26 CET 2006

Thanks Darrent,

You put me in the correct path. I discovered then that vdr-xine
was not grabbing but due to something different, y4mscaler broken
due to a recent update of mjpegtools. I have fixed y4mscaler, and so now
GRAB works when vdr-xine is the plugin.

Funny though, that now softdevice stop working with latest 1.3.42.

And that I'm still unable to have OSD with vdr-xine (everything
else works, remote, etc.).

I post this some time ago but still can't find the reason, any clue
as of why OSD doesn't show when using vdr-xine?

thanks for your grab tip.


El 04/02/2006, a las 22:26, Darren Salt escribió:

> I demand that Luis Palacios may or may not have written...
>> Softdevice seems not to be the cause of the problem, GRAB doesn't
>> work either without it.
> cDevice::GrabImage (the default) returns NULL, i.e. grab always  
> fails, so
> cSoftDevice needs to override this (much as cXineDevice in vdr-xine  
> does for
> older VDR or, with a patch which I posted here a few weeks ago, for  
> current
> VDR).
> vdr/dvbdevice.c contains code which you can probably adapt for this.
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