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Mikko Novaro miknov at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 09:02:12 CET 2006


2006/2/6, vdr at digestive.jpl.se <vdr at digestive.jpl.se>:

I  have been trying the openmhp plugin a little today, but it doesn't
> work to well for me ;-)


> Is there anyone that have a hint about what I might have done wrong?

I think I tested the plugin once with java 1.5 also, and it didn't work. At
that time, I didn't have time to go into debugging what went wrong, and I
haven't gone back to it to find out, either. If it's not too much trouble,
you could try java 1.4 instead, and maybe report back your findings.

Can I have the mhp-0.3-plugin on the box with the cards and openmhp on
> the box that I'm using to watch TV on. And the just a NFS-mounted
> directory to share the xlet's between them?
> Do I need to patch mhp-plugin in any special way in such setup?

I can't see any problems with this. In both plugins (openmhp and mhp), you
can set the location of the mhp-cache directory. I think that should be all
you need, there's no communication between the plugins other than the files
the mhp plugin writes. There probably should be some way of signalling the
state of the mhp plugin (downloading/done) to the opemhp plugin, though, but
for now there isn't.

Mikko Novaro
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