[vdr] openmhp problem

vdr at digestive.jpl.se vdr at digestive.jpl.se
Tue Feb 7 13:39:35 CET 2006


Thanks for the answers!
> I think I tested the plugin once with java 1.5 also, and it didn't work. At
> that time, I didn't have time to go into debugging what went wrong, and I
> haven't gone back to it to find out, either. If it's not too much trouble,
> you could try java 1.4 instead, and maybe report back your findings.

I have tried it with blackdown-1.4.2-02 but with the same result as 1.5 
- maybe I should try with Sun's 1.4, but gentoo wont let me emerge it 
;-) I will try a little more tonight!


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