[vdr] [Annouce] vdr-epgsearch-0.9.11

Christian Wieninger cwieninger at gmx.de
Tue Feb 7 20:33:09 CET 2006


first, sorry: I missed to announce the last release. But here's a new 
one ;-)

2006-02-07: Version 0.9.11
- support for vdr-1.3.42
- new feature switch timers: add an event with the new epg command
  'Add to switch list' to the switch list and epgsearch will switch
  the channel one minute before the event starts. The current content
  of the switch list can be controlled within the search menu with the
  new action 'Show switch list'. If there is a switch timer for an
  event its menu item is labeled with 'S', if there is no real timer.
- switch timers also for search timers: a search timer can now be
  configured to 'switch only'. Its search results are then added to
  the switch list and epgsearch will switch to the found events one
  minute before they start. There will be no real timer for such a
  search timer.
- search criterion 'Use channel' has now an additional value 'only
  FTA' to search in non encrypted channels only
- new setup option 'Show day separators' for menu 'Schedule', that
  displays an additional line at day break.
- epgsearch has now a SVDRP interface with the following commands
  (requires vdr > 1.3.30):
  * 'LSTS [ID]' to list all searches, or the one with the passed ID
    (format is the same as epgsearch.conf, see MANUAL)
  * 'NEWS <settings>' to add a new search
    REMARK: the value of element ID is ignored. epgsearch will always
    assign the next free ID
  * 'DELS <ID>' to delete the search with ID
  * 'EDIS <settings>' to modify an existing search
  * 'UPDS [OSD]' to update the search timers. Passing the optional keyword
    'OSD' pops up an OSD message after the update has finished.
  * 'UPDD' to reload the file epgsearchdone.data, e.g. after an
    external tool has modified it.
  * 'SETS <ON|OFF>' to activate or cancel the search timer background
- since setup gets too big it has now the modes 'Standard' and
  'Extended'(toggled with key 'red'), suggested by Rolf Ahrenberg
- update for finnish translation, thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg
- update for italian translation, thanks to Thiemo Gehrke
- update for french translation, thanks to Patrice Staudt
- new dutch translation, thanks to Thiemo Gehrke
- using instead of resolving 'localhost' for SVDRP,
  suggested by Thiemo Gehrke
- added script recordingdone.sh for your reccmds.conf to add a
  recording to epgsearch's done file, thanks to Patrice Staudt,
  Christian Jacobsen and Mike Constabel
- added script mtdone2epgsearchdone.sh to move recordings from
  mastertimer's done file to epgsearch's done file, thanks to
  Christian Jacobsen.
- thanks to Mike Constabel and Andreas Brugger for testing and bug
- fixed a bug after using templates, thanks to Christian Jacobsen

Description and download:


wget: http://people.freenet.de/cwieninger/vdr-epgsearch-0.9.11.tgz



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