[vdr] Streamdev: no sound in VLC or mplayer

Pasi Juppo pasi.juppo at iki.fi
Wed Feb 8 00:18:20 CET 2006


Anyone know how what is the reason for not getting sound via stremdev to
VLC (livna RPM package) or mplayer?

VDR is in separate PC so I accessed it via http (port 3000 and using ES
as written in README of the streamdev). Picture is ok but no sound.
However, I'm only able to use ES with mplayer - not with VLC. If I don't
add ES to the URL then picture is fine with VLC but no audio (and there
should not be any audio).

VDR is 1.3.35
streamdev is from cvs (2005-11-24 checked out)

Br, Pasi

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