[vdr] Softdevice and remote display question

Peer Oliver Schmidt pos at theinternet.de
Wed Feb 8 14:56:23 CET 2006

CR wrote:

> Originally I wanted to put my DVB-S card in the head unit, but it seems
> that may not be possible.  DVB-S card will be in a server, and a
> client/head will be used to display output.
> Will streamdev allow me to have *full control* of the VDR (EPG/OSD,
> pause/play, etc) from the head unit?  If not, what should I look into so I
> can view and control VDR from head unit and allow back-end processing to
> occur on server?

I am using the VOMP server together with Hauppauge MediaMVP box. Silent, 
remote works, you can watch recordings, live-tv, and have full EPG. 
Currently, you can not schedule recordings, nor pause live-tv.

Other than that, I would see how far away the server is. Maybe it is 
feasible to have a long wire for the TV and the remote control...
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Peer Oliver Schmidt
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