[vdr] Remotely playing a network mounted dvd from VDR

Peter Sulatycke psulatyc at comcast.net
Thu Feb 9 07:03:33 CET 2006



I'm fairly new to the VDR system.  I must say it has met or exceeded my
expectations.  Nice work!


One question:  From VDR, I want to play the ISO DVDs that are stored on the
hard drive of my windows PC.  Using samba, I've mounted the ISO DVDs on VDR
and begin playback but I'm getting fseek timeout errors soon after playback
starts.  The error is ocurring in the DVD nav library.  Seeking is taking
too long over the network.  Anyone tackle this issue already?  I was
thinking of modifying the code so that it retries the fseek command a couple
of times since it probably should work on the second or third time.  I know
I could setup up a server like VLC on my windows PC and stream it to VDR but
I would rather just mount the dvd.  


By the way, I can do the reverse without problem. Using powerdvd and daemon
tools I can mount a VDR-based ISO DVD on my windows PC.  I would like to
solve this now because I know I will run into the same problem when I setup
a client VDR system and try to mount dvds from a VDR server.  Any
suggestions?  Thanks for your help in advance.





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