[vdr] DVD Plugin debug comments.

Richard Scobie r.scobie at clear.net.nz
Thu Feb 9 09:43:13 CET 2006

I am trying to work out why my system is segfaulting while attempting to 
play the contents of a DVD vobcopied to the hard disk, using the 
dvdselect and dvd plugins.

I am not a developer, but have managed to enable debug messages in the 
dvd plugin and was wondering if there was anyone familar enough with the 
dvd plugin internals, who could tell me if the following debug output 
points to an obvious issue.

[root at tx vdr-1.3.42]$ Using djbfft for IMDCT transform
SPU showSubs=0
cDvdPlayer::cDvdPlayer: seen new subp id: 0xFFFFFFFF (-1), <>; 0x0 (0)
cDvdPlayer::cDvdPlayer: seen subp cleared
cDvdPlayer::cDvdPlayer: currentNavSubpStreamUsrLocked=false
cDvdPlayer::cDvdPlayer: seen audio cleared
cDvdPlayer::cDvdPlayer: currentNavAudioTrackUsrLocked=false
cDvdPlayer::Activate 1->1
/usr/local/bin/runvdr: line 44: 12042 Segmentation fault      $VDRCMD

Any help much appreciated.



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