[vdr] OSD doesn't work [SOLVED] [SOLVED in xine also]

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Fri Feb 10 19:43:18 CET 2006


Luis Palacios wrote:

> # OpenGL renderer
> # { 2D_Tex_Fragprog  2D_Tex  2D_Tex_Tiled  Image_Pipeline  Cylinder  
> Env_Mapped_Torus }, default: 0
> # video.output.opengl_renderer:2D_Tex_Fragprog
> Changing the default to any of the other values lets OSD work. Either 
> leaving
> it commented out or using 2D_Tex_Fragprog has the problem.

Is there a special reason why you use opengl as xine's output driver?

Please try running xine with "-V xv", which does a good job on my 6600 
GT (single screen, single display setup). You may also want to 
experiment with "-V xxmc", which uses the hardware MPEG2 decoding 
support of NVidia chips.

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