[vdr] one recording vdr and one replay vdr

Laz laz at club-burniston.co.uk
Sat Feb 11 16:11:08 CET 2006

On Saturday 11 February 2006 13:34, Peer Oliver Schmidt wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to have a one VDR machine near my satellite dish to do the
> recordings and another VDR machine to replay the recordings and do live
> TV. The /video should be shared via NFS.
> Anyone done this? Problems / suggestions are welcome.

I do something similar: my main vdr box is downstairs and does all the 
recording and gets used for most of the playback. Upstairs, I have another 
vdr box used solely for playback.

The /video directory of the main box is nfs-mounted into the playback system 
upstairs with read-write permissions so that I can delete recordings from the 
'playback system'. Live TV works mainly OK with the streamdev plugin, 
although the 'playback system' although sometimes I lose the live stream and 
I need to restart vdr on both systems. I _think_ this happens when a timer 
starts on the 'recording system' but I haven't really got round to tracking 
this down properly yet! My 'recording system' has two DVB devices so it 
should be OK to be recording one channel and streaming.

I'm doing any nfs mounting and unmounting on the 'playback system' through the 
command menu rather than at boot: no real reason for this, just how I set it 
originally! I'm mounting it on a subdirectory off the local /video directory. 
Like this, the recordings end up being sorted by date because they are 
assumed to be episodes of the same thing. I think I originally set it like 
this so that there wasn't any chance of my epg file or anything else being 
overwritten by accident! Once they recordings are mounted, you need to 
'touch /video/.update' before you can see them: this gets done as part of my 
mount command.

I have both systems set to shutdown after 2 h of inactivity so I also have a 
command set up to create a 'noshutdown' file on the 'recording system' from 
upstairs otherwise things stop all of a sudden when the system downstairs 
shuts itself down!

One other thing to watch out for is making sure you touch '.update' on the 
'recording system' after you've deleted any recordings from the 'playback 
system' otherwise it gets confused because the recording list isn't updated 
as often as it was in older versions of vdr!

Apart from that, it all works really well like this and both systems get used 



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