[vdr] Streaming compliant with IPTV STB

Vladimir Kangin v at kangin.org
Sat Feb 11 18:17:46 CET 2006

Hi everyone, hi Sascha,

I would like to raise a discussion about VDR compliance with a wide
range available STBs (Set-Top-Box) for IPTV carrier integration.

The advantage of such compliance is obvious - low cost of STB. The cost
of STB is in the range of 80-150 USD.

The compliance is actually matter of:

1) multicast MPEG-TS streaming support;
2) vdradmin support for multiuser STB environment.

Above development could affect the design of VDR in general, I would
like to discuss it in details.

Please note, that I could provide few STBs for developers for FREE. :)

Vladimir Kangin

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