[vdr] Problem with Text2Skin since VDR 1.3.38

Peter Juszack vdr at unterbrecher.de
Sun Feb 12 13:38:33 CET 2006

I have a problem with Text2Skin and DeepBlue-0.1.4.

Since upgrading to VDR version > 1.3.37 logos on the replay bar changed 
or disappered completly.
I played around a little bit and tried to unload as many plugins as 
possible but the problem still
I downgraded to VDR-1.3.37 and the logos were correct again. 
Unfortunately I was not able to test
with 1.3.38 or 1.3.39 because these versions produced conflicts. So I 
can not say from what version
onwards the problem occurs.
With current version 1.3.42 text2skin and DeepBlue work fine but the 
replay logos are incorrect:

Replay of VDR recording:
- left side navigation logos (replay,pause ...) are displayed
- right side double arrow logo is missing

MP3 replay with mp3-0.9.14
- left side navigation logos (replay,pause ...) are displayed but mp3 
plugins specific logos
  ( shuffle, loop ) are missing
- right side mp3 logo ( notes ) is missing

DVD playback
- left side navigation logos are missing
- right side DVD logo is missing
=> no logos at all

The syslog does not give hints.

I remember that there was a change with the replay status in VDR some 
time ago. It seems that
text2skin does not get the correct info which source is replayed so 
DeepBlue can not choose
the correct logos.

Anyone a guess?

Regards Peter

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