[vdr] One VDR with two displays?

Stephan Loescher loescher at gmx.de
Sun Feb 12 18:26:43 CET 2006


Is it possible to use one VDR-server with two "output-devices"?

My plan is to use one VDR-server with a FF-card which should display its
output via the FF-card on a small CRT-television with analog-sound over
FBAS (this is no problem. I have already done that part of my plan.) and
at the same time (!) via DVI- or VGA-out on a beamer/projector with

With this setup I could control the system with one remote-control and
be able to use the CRT for small transmissions like news and use the
beamer for movies.

My next problem on this setup is that my VDR-server is located
downstairs because there the noise it makes doesn't matter. And the CRT
and beamer should be located in the living room. (The connection
VDR-to-CRT is already to use. That was not the problem.)

So there are two problems remaining:
- How can I get out VDRs picture (incl. OSD) on the DVI/VGA-port?
- How can I get this signal plus AC3-sound into the living room?
The smartest solution would be over ethernet, because I have ethernet in
every room.
The "big" solution that is obvious would be a VDR-streaming-client in
the living room , but are there no other possibilities?

Any ideas?


loescher at gmx.de
Try LEO: http://www.leo.org/

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