[vdr] BUG ? : VDR wakes up additional videodisks while(re)starting VDR and while searching for Deleted Recordings

christian jacobsen Christian.Jacobsen at stage-entertainment.de
Mon Feb 13 08:28:40 CET 2006

Hallo Klaus, 

> > Normally it should not be necessary to use the 
> [0-9][0-9][0-9].vdr files
> > when creating those lists. The only thing that comes into my mind in
> > this context is that it is used to calculate the free size 
> including the
> > deleted recordings !? If that is the case then maybe 
> index.vdr could be
> > used instead to find out how many minutes the deleted 
> recording is and
> > add that to the free time instead of using the size :) Or 
> somehow check
> > if the videofiles are linked and then don't touch them.
> VDR only determines the size of the recording directories when
> it is started. Once it is running, it shouldn't wake up your
> additional disks.

OK, I can't say 100% if VDR keeps the disks sleeping as I for the same
reason have deactivated RemoveDeletedRecodrings in housekeeping and
remove the deleted recordings in a script short after booting.

> Are you starting/stopping VDR all the time?

No, but for bughunts or trying a new Plugin/patch one has to restart VDR
quite offen and inbetween the disks offen have fallen asleep again
(after 20 min) so they are then waken up every time ;) Not doing this
would prolong their lives and keep noise down :) 

At least it would be nice if the undelete plugin could create its list
of deleted recordings without waking up the disks. Maybe with some kind
of (internal) option that says : don't check used space
Just to answer the question in advance. No, the undelete plugin is not
used so offen ;), but sometimes a recording is deleted too early or one
really want's to delete some recordings to free up space and then it
would be nice if the disk keept sleeping. 

Maybe there is an easy way to solve one or both of these problems ? But
if it is a difficult task then it is not so important and you can either
put it on the todo with low prio or forget it.

Christian Jacobsen

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