[vdr] vdr+vlc streaming without streamdev

Luis Palacios luis at derqui.net
Mon Feb 13 09:17:26 CET 2006


Has anyone been able to run VLC, used as a stream server,
without streamdev?

I tried without success: vlc -vvv v4l:/dev/video0 [...etc...]
but it fails with a "can't access /dev/video*". I'm still lost/learning
the framework, so could someone be so kind to explain me the relation
between vdr and /dev/video*.

I have a budget (skystar2) card, is that the reason why /dev/video*
doesn't get available? do I need any additional kernel driver?
Or, is it possible to have 'vdr' (or xine/softdevice plugins) push
the selected channel towards /dev/video*, so it can be read by vlc?

Main reason I want this is to have OSD on the stream vs streamdev.
If you know of another alternative to get streaming+OSD then
I'm also interested.

Thanks a lot for your help


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