[vdr] Thread start functions and external C linkage (VDR starts it's threads "incorrectly")

Sascha Volkenandt (ML) lists at magoa.net
Mon Feb 13 20:25:58 CET 2006

Gunnar Roth wrote:
> IMHO calling conventions ( like _stdcall and _cdecl ) are about 
> parameter cleanup and ordering and exnrnal c linkage is about how the 
> function name is written ( mangled or not). I can see that calling 
> convention could make problems with pthread, but cannot see what extern 
> "C" should have to to with that.
> please enligthen me.

To quote my first source in the initial post:

"While most C++ implementations do NOT use calling conventions
compatible with C for normal member functions, many DO for static member
functions. Some, on the other hand, don't, and there's no reason they
should. (That is, ANSI C++ says they needn't.)"

Its just that a program compiled in C++ mode doesn't need to follow C 
calling conventions (especially cleanup is important here) according to 
the standard. Since extern "C" should declare default C calling 
conventions within C++ code, it has something to do with it, I guess ;)

Sascha Volkenandt

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