[vdr] PES packet shortened to 1656 bytes (expected: 1840 bytes)

Patrick Fischer patrick_fischer at gmx.de
Tue Feb 14 12:48:32 CET 2006

Reinhard Nissl schrieb:

> Hi,
> Christian Gmeiner wrote:
>> At the moment i get such a line in my syslog and i dont know why.
>> I am looking RTL 2 at the moment - "Autopsie - Mysteriöse Todesfälle".
>> Maybe somebody has the same issue.
> Please have a look at the following link, where I suggest to add some 
> additional debug messages to locate the problem:
> Bye.

We have the same problem with the VDR 1.3.38
We use the Kernel DVB Driver from Kernel 2.6.13 and
We receiver DVB-T from Munich.
We use the same DVB-T Usb Receiver from Terratec Cinergy T2
Systems are SuSE10 and Debian Sarge.

On my Laptop I use Debian Sarge Kernel and the last DVB cvs driver.
I don't have the problem on my Laptop.

Maybe this can help to locate the problem.


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