[vdr] vdr+vlc streaming without streamdev

Stephan Loescher loescher at gmx.de
Tue Feb 14 12:56:04 CET 2006

Luis Palacios <luis at derqui.net> writes:


> I tried without success: vlc -vvv v4l:/dev/video0 [...etc...]
> but it fails with a "can't access /dev/video*". I'm still lost/learning

I have found three possibilities for this:

1. ffserver+ffmpeg:
  I have tried this but with no success :-(
  If you get this working: Please tell me!

2. xawtv: It can display the decoded picture of your FF-card.
   That works, but without sound.

3. kvdr: http://www.s.netic.de/gfiala/
   It can display the decoded picture of your FF-card, too.
   That works only on the same machine where the FF-card is located and
   additionally can control VDR. Very smart solution!

The last two ones show, thats possible to get the picture out of
/dev/video* at the same time VDR is running.


loescher at gmx.de
Try LEO: http://www.leo.org/

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