[vdr] vdradminbug?

Kartsa kari at kniivila.com
Tue Feb 14 17:01:57 CET 2006

From: "Jouni Karvo" <jouni.karvo at tkk.fi>
> Niko Mikkila writes:
> > I have the same problem with all my autotimers for Nelonen. I get the
> > correct timer and then incorrect ones later or a bit earlier the same
> > day and for the few days after the correct date. Smells like a problem
> Have you set NO_EVENTID = 1 ?
> or something like "NO_EVENTID_ON = 4"  (these options are quite
> essential, I do not remember whether they are available in the admin
> interface but at least you can manually edit the vdradmin.conf file.)
After updating to vdradmin-AM-3.4.2rc2 I changed back to NO_EVENTID=0 and 
NO_EVENTID_ON= . For now I've also had one weird timer lasting hours. As one 
could expect the timer was on channel Nelonen. The program was Deadwood and 
the timer was from about 4am to 4pm and the right timer should have been 
11:20pm to 0:45 which was also there as it should. The extra long timer 
started almost 24 hours early. I could not see any EPG data for this and 
thats why I once was wondering if such a feature could be added that would 
save EPG data for history and debugging reasons.

Otherwise it works great and is a must for me :) I'd like to take this 
opportunity and thank Andreas for a great peace of programming. This is just 
what I need and have also been using even there have been some minor bugs.

I did miss one recording last week but then again it had nothing to do with 
vdradmin. It was due to the fact that HTV rearranged their channels :(


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