[vdr] how to determine if a digital audio track is beeing replayed

Thiemo rollercoaster at reel-multimedia.com
Tue Feb 14 19:19:40 CET 2006


when playing a bit with the mlcd plugin, i came around the question how to 
find out if the current audio track beeing replayed is a digital track 
(ac3/dts) or not.
There is a method SetAudioChannel() but this only signals left/right/stereo. 
Also it is currently only called when a user selects the audio channel 
manually, not on channel switch or vdr startup (not to mention all those 
plugins that replay something)

The detection, if LPCM or digital audio is beeing replayed is already done in 
cDevice::PlayPesPacket() , so shouldn't we call MsgSetAudioChannel() from 
there and extend it with "3=digital audio"? 
On the other hand this would cause some overhead as PlayPesPacked is called 
every second...

Or is there any other proposed method to determine the currently played audio 


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