[vdr] vdradminbug?

Jouni Karvo jouni.karvo at tkk.fi
Wed Feb 15 09:12:31 CET 2006


Kartsa writes:
 > From: "Pasi Juppo" <pasi.juppo at iki.fi>
 > >
 > > It would be a good debug tool if either VDR or vdradmin stores the EPG
 > > data (history data not just the new data) for later usage. Of course the
 > > file would be large but that would be a good tool when reporting to the
 > > broadcast companies if their EPG is not correct.
 > >
 > I think it should be VDR that would create the history file. Its VDR that 
 > creates the file and removes entrys from it, isn't it. It could also be some 
 > kind of setting for how old data would be stored and possibly for which 
 > channels. The problem I think would be how to present the history data 
 > because of possible changes in the EPG data itself. There could be an error 
 > in the data for many days and in some point it would be corrected and 

How about using a cvs repository?  The problem would be of course then
_when_ to make a check-in.  Perhaps a diff with the current epg.data
and the latest check-out would be made and if it differs, a new
check-in would be made...

EPG data repository would be for debugging anyway, so I do not really
know about user interfacing.


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