[vdr] Re: Unable to watch TV when recording

Arnold Ho ailinglist at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 11:38:19 CET 2006

Hi guys,

On 2/15/06, Arnold Ho <ailinglist at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> When I start a recording of the current show in VDR, the show stops
> completely leaving a black screen. The recording plays back fine after
> I stop it. Is there a setting that I may have overlooked?
> Thanks,
> Arnold

Any ideas what could be going on? For what it's worth, here is the
output from vdr, from startup, to displaying a channel, hitting
Record, a Recording Started message, a Low disk space message(still
have ~18min free), black screen and finally program exit.

# vdr -P "softdevice -vo xv:" -l 3
[softdevice] processing args
[softdevice]   argv [0] = softdevice
[softdevice]   argv [1] = -vo
vo_argv: xv:
repeat 0
repeat 0
repeat 0
repeat 0
repeat 0
repeat 0
repeat 0
repeat 0
[softdevice] initializing Plugin
[softdevice] Initializing Video Out
[softdevice] ffmpeg version(CVS) build(3342336)
[XvVideoOut]: displayAspect = 1.334615, displayRatio = 1.333333, PAR = 1.000962
[XvVideoOut]: max area size 1440 x 1080
[XvVideoOut]: using area size 736 x 576
[softdevice] Subplugin successfully opend
[softdevice] Video Out seems to be OK
[softdevice] Initializing Audio Out
[softdevice] Audio out seems to be OK
[softdevice] A/V devices initialized, now initializing MPEG2 Decoder
CMD[9417]:SetAudioMode 0
CMD[9418]:SetPlayMode PmAudioVideo
CMD[9418]:Start IsSuspended 0
CMD[9419]:init put byte finished
CMD[9428]:Neuer Thread gestartet: Mpeg2Decoder pid 7954
CMD[9844]:new Video stream index.. old -1 new 0
CMD[9844]:Neuer StreamDecoder Pid: 7954 context 0x82ed0f0 type 0
CMD[9845]:Neuer Thread gestartet: pid:7956 type 0
CMD[0052]:SetAudioMode 0
CMD[0107]:new Audio stream index.. old -1 new 1
CMD[0107]:Neuer StreamDecoder Pid: 7954 context 0x8308f40 type 1
CMD[0157]:Neuer Thread gestartet: pid:7957 type 1
CMD[3643]:Thread beendet : mpegDecoder pid 7954
CMD[3653]:stopping video
CMD[3676]:thread finished pid: 7956 type 0
CMD[3684]:~cStreamDecoder: context 0x82ed0f0
CMD[3685]:stopping audio
CMD[3704]:thread finished pid: 7957 type 1
CMD[3704]:~cStreamDecoder: context 0x8308f40
CMD[3704]:Stop finished
X connection to :0.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown).


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