[vdr] tv getting black while epg-scan

Kari Smolander kari.smolander at pp.inet.fi
Wed Feb 15 15:26:34 CET 2006

> I have same kind of black screens. I have only one FF dvb-c card, old
> fujitsu-siemens one. Sometimes I get image back by opening 
> menu, sometimes
> I need to retune to channel, sometimes I need to retune to another
> transponder and most annoyingly sometimes I need to restart vdr to get
> image back.
> I'm using dvd plugin, mp3 plugin and subtitle plugin (dvb, not
> teletext) and vdradmind.
>   Marko

I have one budget card (Airstar2 DVB-T) and I had exactly the same
The picture disappeared always after an EPG scan - and never came back.
I had to restart VDR to get the picture again.
When I set "EPGScanTimeout = 0", it does not happen any more.
I do not know how this helps, but it does it for me.


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