[vdr] VDR server(/client) options

Matthias Schniedermeyer ms at citd.de
Wed Feb 15 16:32:04 CET 2006

Luis Palacios wrote:
> Hi,

5. VDR as recording slave, no Live Viewing at all, Viewing of recordings
via "Streaming Client"

I use a "Pinnacle ShowCenter 200" to view my recordings, after cutting them
into single-file .mpg-files.
I haven't view anything live for quite some time and so i haven't spend
time to create a setup with live-viewing capability.

In this setup the VDR-Machine can be anywhere you want. The VDR-machine can
also act as the Server for the Clients.

For Servering the Client(s) you can use for e.g. "Linux MTPCenter"(*)

The "Missing link" (VDR-Recoding -> <cutting> -> Serving) is the
cutting-process with which you can create your marks(*2) and which spits
out something the Server-Part can use. I've always used my own cutting
solution so i don't have a "Missing link". But i don't know what kind of
help the MTPC is for this as i have only used it for a few hours myself.
So cutting MAYBE a Showstopper problem in this setup.

And for the last part:
Everywhere you want to watch recordings you "only" need Ethernet
(alternative the device i use also has WLAN capability!) and a "Streaming
Client". I bought mine for about 260 EUR which is rather cheap compared to
a computer and you only need Power/Network at the TV.


Unless you have access to the VDR-machine or you use part of the other
solutions for accessing the VDR-machine from remote you can't use the
VDR-machine for this.

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