[vdr] Re: Unable to watch TV when recording

Martin Wache M.Wache at gmx.net
Wed Feb 15 17:48:04 CET 2006

Arnold Ho schrieb:
> Hi guys,
> On 2/15/06, Arnold Ho <ailinglist at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> When I start a recording of the current show in VDR, the show stops
>> completely leaving a black screen. The recording plays back fine after
>> I stop it. Is there a setting that I may have overlooked?
>> Thanks,
>> Arnold
> Any ideas what could be going on? For what it's worth, here is the
> output from vdr, from startup, to displaying a channel, hitting
> Record, a Recording Started message, a Low disk space message(still
> have ~18min free), black screen and finally program exit.

I guess your record key is "r"??? This key is taken by the softdevice
and used for the suspend/resume function. The capture of this key used
to be switched off by default, but a quick check showed that it is now
You have to possibilities:
- use a different key for recordings,
- or edit the softdevice's Makefile and comment out the line
  SUSPEND_BY_KEY = 1, do a make clean in the softdevices source
  directory and recompile the softdevice


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