[vdr] Thread start functions and external C linkage (VDR starts it's threads "incorrectly")

Sascha Volkenandt (ML) lists at magoa.net
Thu Feb 16 22:29:53 CET 2006

Jonas Munsin schrieb:
> Shouldn't a nameless namepsace be used here? gcc 3.4.3 does not like 
> extern "C" static
> at all (error: multiple storage classes in declaration of ...). i.e., in 
> thread.c:
> namespace {
>     extern "C" void *StartThread(cThread *Thread)
>     {
>     ....
>     }
> }

Yes, that works, too (except that gcc 2.95 that is still used for linvdr 
doesn't care about namespaces ;) )

Regarding standard C++, I guess the anonymous namespace would be the 
most preferable solution.

Sascha Volkenandt

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