[vdr] vdr-xine-0.7.7 plugin--Restart always need--then becomesstable

Hu-Emulator hu_emulator at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 18 18:32:12 CET 2006

Off topic:
I can get hdtv on nimiq 82 but I get 1 main picuture and 2 side pictures 
usinb fbxine and your newest xine-0.7.7 plugins. Question should I be 
compiling with osd scaling? My  tv aspic ration is 16:9. Thanks
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> Hi,
> Hu-Emulator wrote:
>> Hi first of thanks alot for a great plugin. I have found that I must 
>> restart vdr at least 2 times to get a stable run of vdr with your plugin.
>> I am using cvs "fbxine"
>> I am using vdr-1.3.42 and vdr-1.3.41 and vdr-1.3.37
>> OS debain, with kernel
>> I start xine with this script:
>> matroxset -f /dev/fb0 -m 5
>>              matroxset -f /dev/fb1 -m 2
>>              matroxset -f /dev/fb1 -o 1 2
>>              fbset -fb /dev/fb1 "1024x768-60" -depth 16 -laced true
>> while true
>> do
>>        /usr/bin/fbxine --stdctl --deinterlace -V DirectFB -A alsa 
>> vdr:/tmp/vdr-xine/stream#demux:mpeg_pes$
>>        sleep 10
>> I start vdr with this script:
>> PLUGINS -P'xine -r' -P'remote -i /dev/input/event3' &
>> So what happens is that I start it, it runs say for about 10 minutes. 
>> Then I loose video but audio is still playing. At that point I still have 
>> remote control response to change channels even though no video. I have 
>> to stop vdr and restart it. But not fbxine its still running. Then I 
>> restart vdr and get stable continuous play.
> Hhm, I've no idea why this issue happens after about 10 minutes and 
> vanishes when you restart VDR.
> Please try to find something useful in the logs of VDR (e. g. 
> /var/log/messages) and run fbxine with --verbose=2. Of cause you have to 
> redirect stdout/stderr of fbxine to a file in order to get a log from 
> fbxine while console is taken over by directfb.
> BTW: nice to hear that xine's directfb driver works with a matrox card.
> Bye.
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